Who We Are

Who We Are?

Our enterprise was established by Ali İhsan Gürsöz in 1950 in Kızlar ağası Hanı in order to carry out plumbing, gutter and roofing works.

We moved to the 1st Industrial Site in 1971 and started to focus more on ventilation works. At the same time, our enterprise was renamed Nur Aspirator. In these years, we worked generally on line production regarding ventilation and dedusting systems in various sectors. In the meantime, there was a considerable rise in our contract manufacturing in our products such as clip, elbow, and pipe as well. We established deep rooted relations with a good many big factories in particular in the Aegean Region. Today, these relations continue to exist. In 1992, Nur Aspirator was transformed into a family company by A. Sait Gürsözand S. Hilmi Gürsöz and renamed Nursac Ventilation and Sheet Metal Works Industrial and Commercial Limited Company. After turning into a company, expanding work field, we started to offer production, installation and sale-purchase of different machinery in addition to production and installation.

Furthermore we set to establish complete facilities. We turned into a company with adequate capacity to meet demands of the market evolving out of Turkey. We launched a work style in accordance with the modern technology through computer aided projects and transferred all our designs and projects to said technological medium. Afterwards, we started to benefit from a higher level of technology via CNC sheet metal cutting machine, as a result started to perform all sorts of sheet metal cutting works in a much more delicate and rapid way. Furthermore, attaining minimum rates of waste, we ended up working with lower level of costs. All these said elements are significant factors contributing to customer satisfaction and enable us to make quality control easily. In addition, robot welding technology is another technology employed in our factory in pipe welding. In light of all these mentioned components, our aim is to attain the highest level through the newest technology and the synthesis of quality and technology.