Jet Pulse Filter

Jetpulse Filter

Jet-Pulse type dust retention filters are automatic systems that enable the extraction of dust, odor and smoke from the environment by air extraction. Thanks to the aspirator in the Jet-Filter, dusty air absorbed from the installations at high pressures comes to the filter suction nozzle at the end of the installation. The dusty air passing through the mouth of the filter is held in the cartridge type or bag filters selected according to the type and flow rate of the absorbed material, and the fresh air is expelled from the outlet of the aspirator. Dirty dust collecting bags are cleaned by blowing valves controlled by electronic timer and blowing air at 6-7 bar pressure. High pressure allows the dust, particles, etc. contained in the filter bags to fall into the bunker located at the bottom of the filter. In this way, the materials that can be used in the bunker are used and the ones that cannot be used are collected as waste.

The Jet-Pulse filters, which we produce as modular, can be easily transported and assembled, dimensioned according to the location of the place where they will be used. Some of the uses of Jet-Pulse filters are;

CNC Ventilation: CNC Oil Mist Filter
Welding Fume Extraction System
Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Conveyor Belt Feeding Points
Mixer Feeding Systems
On Silo
Metal Sandblasting Cabinets
Machining Machines

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